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Pet Grooming

Hello There, Beautiful

Think of our grooming salon as a day spa for your dog, where our professional staff attends to their every grooming need. Your dog will return from our salon clean, groomed, and looking and feeling their best. Call today to schedule your dog(s) appointment.


The grooming process involves 2 baths.  The first is a deep cleaning; the second uses shampoo designed for your pets unique needs.  Following is a skin and coat conditioner. Then, ears get cleaned, anal glands checked, and toe nails clipped. After a full blow dry and complete brush out, your dog is groomed to the owners' specifications.

Bath & Brush-Out

Dogs who join us for a bath and brush out also receive 2 baths: a deep cleaning and a second using shampoo specific to their skin needs. This service includes a skin and coat de-shedding conditioner, ears get cleaned, anal glands checked, toe nails clipped, a full blow dry, and complete brush out including the undercoat.

Additional Services
  • Toe Nail Grinding

  • Teeth Brushing 

  • Medicated Baths

  • Skunk Baths

  • Flea Baths

Spa days can also include an activity!  Click here for activities available.

Got my dog groomed at Town and Country Pet Resort and they did such an amazing job! Highly recommend them to anyone with pets! Nice, clean shop and I will definitely be a repeat customer :) 

Maya Parham

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