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Welcome to our Ranch Resort!

We are a local family owned pet resort and since 1997 we have been providing our clients with the very best pet care, customer service and pristine facilities proving to be animal lovers' #1 choice in the Tri-County area.
Owner and operator, Trish Elliott's life dream has been to work with animals. Her dream started to take shape when she worked at a Pet Store through college. She developed her education and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business and went on to show dogs and developed her grooming talent. Early on in her career, she completed the National Dog Groomer Association certification program.
Here is a bit more history of Elliott Ranch!
With the help of her engineer husband, Paul, they completely renovated the ranch's turn-of-the-century milking parlor into a grooming salon and shortly after built the original boarding facility. We quickly outgrew this facility and continued to dream big and expand, building the current facility which is state-of-the-art offering radiant floor heat, climate controlled interior, indoor/outdoor play areas, large skylights, and piped in surround sound for 24/7 relaxing music for our guests. 
The serenity of our location is unmatched. Our clients enjoy the magic that we have to offer with all the different types of livestock on our property. As you are driving down Penn Mine Road, be sure to keep an eye out on both sides, you might see some of our livestock grazing! If you add a walk to your pet(s) visit, they might come across some of the family's sheep, cows, and guinea fowl. 
Our Promise To You
All employees attend training courses on a regular basis to strengthen their knowledge of pets. The staff is certified in pet first aid and CPR. For added security, the owners, as well as one trained employee, live on the property. 

Our Wonderful Team

Our team is full of love, knowledge, and passion when it comes to keeping your pets healthy and happy. 
We are highly trained to provide a safe, clean, loving, and fun environment for your pets. We schedule in a way that allows us to keep a small dog to staff ratio. Also limiting the size of our play groups based on the size and temperaments of the pets for their safety and enrichment. 

You can have peace of mind knowing that your pet(s) is in the best hands while you are away! 

  • A part of our team for 9 years

  • Completed Dog Gurus continued education

  • Certified in pet first aid & CPR 

  • Spends her free time with the amazing Earl Dean and Goose camping or at the Lake. She also enjoys time with her family especially her nieces, Indiana, Sonoma, and Abigail.

  • A part of our team for 10  years

  • Completed Dog Gurus continued education   "Knowing Dogs” 101& 102

  • Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR

  • Spends her free time with her family camping and hiking. Also enjoys her time with her 3 grandchildren, Jo, William, and Adeline.

  • A part of the team for 23 years because he was born here. 

  • He is a motivator.  

  • He has been my grooming apprentice for a little over a year now because it turns out some of my talent is in him!

  • He spends most days with his puppy, Finn. Who is a German Shorthair Pointer and his best friend. 


We drive our dogs from Volcano area over to them because of how impressed we are with the staff and facility. To address the other reviews, yes this is a bit pricey, but the facility in really clean and well maintained. The staff members we came in contact with have always been very friendly and show us real concern for our pets well being. 

Robert White

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