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Many Fun Activities For Your Furry Family!

We highly encourage you to add some activities to the services that your pet(s) is coming in for! Whether it is a groom or a bath and brush out, your pet(s) will thank you later! You are also more than welcome to add them to any other service that your pet(s) may be coming in for! 

Nature Walk

A beautiful walk on a paved trail

Shop Time

Quality time with the staff to catch up on the latest gossip!

Individual Play Time

For our K9 friends with lots of energy, but no time for socializing

Group Play Time

For our social butterflies to spend some time playing with like-minded pooches!

Cuddle Time

For the quiet introvert that enjoys hugs, pets, and extra love

Stuffed Kong

Filled with your pups favorite frozen snack to keep them occupied

Shout out to Town and Country Pet Resort. They accommodated/kenneled my fur kids on a moments notice. We are installing wood floors and the poor dogs were having a horrid time. Now they are at the resort where they are loved and so well taken care of. No more stress. 

JoAnn Kromfols

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